Rules and regulations

Online Flying Conduct

Pilots are reminded when using IVAO online Air Traffic Simulation Networks that every member is an ambassador of Flight Medic Virtual when using our FMD call sign.

Pilots are to exercise good manners and are not to engage in arguments over the networks. Pilots are expected to announce all intentions when operating in the vicinity of any other traffic.

General chat between Flight Medic pilots should be conducted on Flight Medic Virtual's Discord, and not in the ATC clients, Unicom is NOT for chat.

If at any timeFlight Medic Virtualreceives communication from any of the networks about the behaviour of one of our pilots, the matter will beinvestigated and the pilot may be removed from Flight Medic Virtual following an investigation if deemed appropriate.


Your first name and your VID will only be used for our pilot roster and to track your flights, nothing more. Only the first letter of your second name will appear on our pilot roster.

Your email address will never be comunicated. The staff members are the only ones who know it and they can use it only to communicate with you about Flight Medic

By accepting these rules and regulations, you accept that your first name, the first letter of your second name and your VID appear on the pilots roster and on the "Latest flight and statistics" section. If this is a problem, you can always contact us at and we will find a solution together

All pilots, whatever their country or nationality, has the right to access and/ or delete all of the datas mentioned above

For more information about Virtual airline and IVAO please visit the following link:

Code Of Conduct

Flight Medic Virtual is run by volunteers who work on running Flight Medic. In order to provide an enjoyable  experience to all members, we have established a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is not designed to confine or restrict our member's activities, but rather ensure that Flight Medic Virtual remains a safe, friendly, fun and enjoyable environment for all. 

- Be welcoming

- Be friendly and patient

 - Be respectful

- Be careful in the words that you choose.

- The Code of Conduct serves to set minimum standards of conduct by which all members of Flight Medic are required to adhere to. We strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds. Everyone in the community deserves to be treated with respect, whether you agree with them or not. We understand that from time to time there will be differences in opinion. While we respect these differences and promote active discussion, the following are considered to be unacceptable behavior.

- This includes, but is not limited to:

- Public or private harassment, insults or threatening

- Profanity, vulgarity or derogatory comments towards any member

- Personal, religious or political attacks

- Trolling or sharing private information of other community members

- Should a member conduct themselves in a disruptive/inappropriate manner their membership will be terminated and a permanent ban will be placed into effect immediately.

 - Always be respectful to fellow pilots and staff, remember in order to get respect, you must show respect.

That’s it!

Welcome to Flight Medic Virtual!


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