About us

Flight Medic was founded by 2 helicopter simmers enthusiasts. We are a virtual helicopters company from the North America division (XA division) of the IVAO Network. Our goal is to simulate the daily operations of a helicopter company and attract people from our division and other divisions who are interested by helicopter's flights and operations on IVAO. We are afiliated to the XA division and to the IVAO Network. We are a group of pilots who like this way to fly, with helicopters, mainly and exlusively on IVAO network. The helicopters are our guidelines. That's why our flight plans are usually  "X" for "Other" for the medevac, emergency and hospitalisation flights. Normal operations with helicopters can also bee done in VFR.

We decided to creat Flight Medic because we are passionate about helicopers and we want to share it with other people who also like helicopter flights, to share together about it and learn from the others, mainly via our Discord server. We also decided to not make a rank system. In Flight Medic all pilots have the same rank from the beginer to the confirmed virtual helicopter pilot. The goal is to fly for the pleasure and not for a new rank.

Our main HUB are Anchorage (PANC) in Alaska and Denver (KDEN) in Colorado because there are a lot of mountains and it's a good challenge for helicopter flight. But of course pilots are free to fly everywhere in the world!

We also accept rescue mission with jets and airplanes flights for medical material transport. But Flight Medic stay centered on helicopters.

Julien Chabbey, Chief executive officer - CEO

Contact julien.chabbey@flightmedicvirtual.com

Carlos Lanuez Perez, Chief Flights Officer - CFO

Daniele Iori, Flight Crew Manager - FCM

Gene Buchite, FSCloud Advisor - FCA

Contact us! via de form below or via our email address info@flightmedicvirtual.com

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